In What We Believe

Insinium partners with businesses across major industrys to manage their IT and connect the dots between people, products, and business opportunities.

Our Mission
We believe in making SMEs exclusively operate out of the cloud. We ensure that our clients have minimal disruption to their businesses in times of demand.
Our Vision
We believe in ultimate efficiency. Our offerings are designed to optimise business efficiency and facilitate ultimate collaboration across businesses.
Our Values
To add to our cloud-ready mindset, we prioritise client experience. We ensure that the support we offer you is the best quality and most accurate we can provide.
We hope to offer boutique IT management for you.
Countless SMEs and established brands trust our IT management.

We ensure the services we offer are the best quality we can offer. We have established guidelines for ensuring quality of service is optimal. Furthermore, any and all issues you may have will be delt with in a swift and transparent manner. 

We ensure that the support we offer is swift in delivery and accurate. We also facilitate self-serve support for low-level issues. Examples of this include the provision of services for self-serve password resets for Office 365 and a diverse knowledge base.

We ensure all people who provide support to our clients meet our rigorous quality standards as well as ensuring that they follow guidelines at all times for management of quality as well as ensuring that best-practices are followed at all times.